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Hans Jean Arp

(French/German, 1886-1966)

Hans Jean Arp French/German, 1886-1966 Jean (Hans) Arp was a French / German sculptor, painter, and poet. His work and artistic voice we

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Milton Avery

(American, 1885-1965)

Milton Avery American, 1885-1965 Though remaining relatively unknown during the majority of his lifetime, today American painter Milton

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Donald Baechler

(American, 1956-)

Donald Baechler American, 1956- Donald Baechler is an American painter and sculptor born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1956. He studied at

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John Baldessari

(American, 1931-)

John Baldessari American, 1931- John Baldessari was born in National City, California in 1931. He studied at San Diego State University

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Mel Bochner

(American, 1940-)

Mel Bochner American, 1940- Mel Bochner is a leading American Conceptual artist best-known for his signature text-based paintings and pr

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Paul-Émile Borduas

(Canadian, 1905-1960)

Paul Emile Borduas Canadian, 1905-1960 Painter Paul-Émile Borduas was born in Sainte-Hilaire, Quebec in 1905. He gained an internationa

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Sam Borenstein

(Canadian, 1908-1969)

Sam Borenstein Canadian, 1908-1969 Sam Borenstein was a Lithuanian-born Canadian Expressionist painter who immigrated with his family to

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Mr. Brainwash

(French, 1966-)

Mr. Brainwash French, 1966- Thierry Guetta, best known by his moniker, Mr. Brainwash, is a provocative figure in the world of contempora

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Edward Burtynsky

(Canadian, 1955-)

Edward Burtynsky Canadian, 1955- Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian photographer known for his expansive industrial landscape photographs ta

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Jack Hamilton Bush

(Canadian, 1909-1977)

Jack Hamilton Bush Canadian, 1909-1977 Jack Hamilton Bush was one of the first Canadian artists to garner international recognition. He

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