Artists to Watch in 2023

Anna Weyant, Falling Woman, 2020.
Estimate: $150,000-$200,000. Sale Price: $1,623,000. Christie’s.

As we ring in the New Year, we are taking note of several artists that stood out in 2022, many of whom garnered auction results which far exceeded their estimates. The contemporary market is booming and young artists are achieving astoundingly high prices with increasing frequency. Emerging artists Anna Weyant, Flora Yuknovich, and Lucy Bull shot way past the million dollar mark last year. Yaknovich’s lush rococo-esque work, I’ll Have What She’s Having, sold for over twenty times its original estimate and set the artists’ high-price record at $3.1 million. Quite a feat to accomplish at the ripe age of 33!

The hyper-intimate subjects of mid-career artists like Salman Toor, Caroline Walker, and Chloe Wise also struck a chord in 2022. Following the artist’s solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum, Toor’s work has been particularly hot on the auction circuit, with several of his works selling way over their estimates. Up-and-coming Indonesian artist Suanjaya Kencut’s With the Pets- Sheep (2021) sold for $50,000 at an Artsy auction, twelve times its low estimate.

The ever enigmatic nature of the artworld constantly keeps even experts of the field on their toes. But, the data seems clear – these young emerging artists are ones to watch in 2023. If any of these artists are of interest, or if you have questions about these or other auction results, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Flora Yukhnovich, I’ll Have What She’s Having, 2020.
Estimate: $90,000-130,000. Sale Price: $3,100,000. Christie’s.

Suanjaya Kencut, With the Pets – Sheep, 2021. 
Estimate: $4,000–$6,000. Sale Price: $50,000. Artsy Auctions.

Emily Ludwig Shaffer, Bay Leaf Wrapped Night, 2018.
Estimate: $5,000-$7,000. Sale Price: $40,320. Phillips.

Caroline Walker, Indoor Outdoor, 2015.
Estimate: $67,810- $90,413. Sale Price: $598,081. Sotheby’s.

Inka Essenhigh, Estuary, 2022.
Estimate: $20,000- $30,000, Sale Price: $84,000. Artsy Auctions.

Anna Park, Is it Worth It?, 2020.
Estimate: $38,554- $64,257. Sale Price: $483,943. Christie’s.

Salman Toor, 4 Guests, 2019.
Estimate: $120,000- $180,000. Sale Price: $856,800. Christie’s.

Lucy Bull, 8:50, 2020.
Estimate: $127,394- $191,091. Sale Price: $1,450,001. Phillips.

Chloe Wise, Forget About Hymn, 2022
Estimate: $35,000- $55,000. Sale Price: $75,000. Artsy Auctions.

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