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Love this wall of works on paper hung in a salon-style. Super creative way to feature a number of artists and styles! If you're interested in this look, get in touch! 📩📸: Jason SchmidtStyled by Lili Abir Regenvia @galeriemagazine See MoreSee Less
Andy Warhol painting over the fireplace and David Hockney on the left! Raise your hand if you're not afraid of colour! 🙋‍♀️Shot by the brilliant @drewhadley here in Montreal with one of clients. Robin Rosenberg has been an art dealer and avid art collector for over 30 years. Let's connect! See MoreSee Less
Series of floral photographs by Christopher Beane! Christopher Beane is an American photographer and fine artist based in New York City. Known for his unique and vibrant flower photographs and mixed media works, his artistic style has been proclaimed the love child of Georgia O’Keeffe and Robert Mapplethorpe. If you like this look, or want to learn about collecting fine art, get in touch! via @archdigest See MoreSee Less
Phenomenal Rashid Johnson painting with mixed-media sculpture by Matthew Monahan, and small painting by Markus Amm. Glass vessel by John Hogan, and mirror by Chen Chen & Kai Williams. Rashid Johnson is recognized as one of the major voices of his generation, an artist who composes searing meditations on race and class while establishing an organic formal vocabulary that fuses a variety of sculptural and painterly traditions.Throughout his career, the Los Angeles-based sculptor Matthew Monahan has stimulated vibrant critical discussion. His forms suggest archaeological finds, decrepit remnants of civilizations past or future that may be regarded as lamentations or admonitions.via Galerie Magazine See MoreSee Less