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I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Robin Rosenberg who has played an instrumental role in divesting masterworks from my family’s estate, including major blue chip paintings and sculptures of international significance. Robin has an impressive network of contacts in the artworld and is an astute dealer with extensive knowledge of the current market. She is a true professional, with integrity and discretion.

For one particularly significant painting in the collection, Robin assessed the painting’s condition, rarity and current market value and convinced us that its value far exceeded our initial valuation. Furthermore, she carried out proper due diligence into the historic significance of the piece and discovered the painting was once acquired by world famous Swiss collector, Ernst Beyeler. This key piece of information regarding provenance added even more value to the artwork. Ultimately, Robin carried through on her promise and did, indeed, sell the painting for more than we anticipated.

I have also worked with Robin to acquire art and I have had equally positive experiences as a buyer as I did as a seller. Robin has a keen eye and an incredible knowledgebase that ensures that one’s art purchase will be an astute one.

Lewis Dobrin

In the ever-changing art world, every acquisition is a learning experience. Connecting with Robin has been great to help navigate this market. She is highly knowledgeable, and able to discuss any subject relating to artists, history, quality, and value. It is a pleasure to test the breadth of her expertise. Also, in my 40 years as a collector, I can say that establishing a trusting relationship with an art dealer is essential. This was effortless with Robin. She has been a true asset in enhancing my collection.

BWH, Toronto

I had the pleasure of working with Robin to purchase art for my condo. I was so pleased with the experience and the result! Robin was able to assist me in identifying my likes/dislikes, price point and provide fabulous options and close the purchase on advantageous terms. I needed a turn a turn-key solution and Robin provided it, with consummate professionalism and her good nature.

Paul Prosterman

I began working with Robin Rosenberg upon completion of major renovations to my country house, at which time all of my walls needed artwork. My collaboration with Robin on this project was an absolute pleasure (and a lot of fun!). She is knowledgeable, extraordinarily professional and very well connected in the art world...read more

Dr. Marcia Gillman

As an interior designer, I was first introduced to Mrs. Robin Rosenberg by a client of mine in need of art for one of her properties. My very first experience with an art consultant...
I was highly impressed by both the person, she is an energy bomb, but also by her profound desire to satisfy her client's taste. Mrs. Rosenberg is extremely knowledgeable...read more

Jean-Francois Menard, Designer

Robin was instrumental in DANAWARES starting a contemporary art collection. The main rationale for this effort was to enhance the beauty of our offices for the benefit of our staff. This investment had resulted in our personnel being able to not only enjoy this beautiful art but to be reminded of their value to our firm...read more

Peter Lewis, President, Danawares Corp.

I have known Robin for many years. From our children taking ski lessons together to the years she worked as a professional fundraiser. When we needed art for our new home in Montreal, I knew Robin was the go-to person to help guide and source artwork for us.  We have purchased several works of art through Robin and we love each and every piece. The artwork has enhanced...read more

Private collector, Montreal

We received a wedding present of a piece of artwork of our choosing.  Never having purchased artwork before, we were pretty confused not only about what type of piece to get, but even just where to begin looking.  Robin was appropriately persistent, yet extremely patient throughout the whole process...read more

Amanda & Alan, New York

I have been working with Robin Rosenberg over the past 6 years as I have wanted to deaccession certain works in a very extensive and fine collection of Canadian art. Working with Robin has been a total pleasure: she is extremely knowledgeable, has a large client base and most importantly is a woman of great integrity...read more

P.K., Toronto

Robin’s knowledge, guidance, and passion has inspired my love of modern and contemporary art. Robin’s experience and connections has demystified the art of collecting art...read more

J.B., Montreal

We recently undertook an expansion of our production facility, including adding a significant amount of office space. We had a vision to create an atmosphere that reflected the fun food that we produce. Robin took on the challenge with enthusiasm and energy...read more

Henry Mizrahi, President, Les Aliments Lesters Limitée

I have been collecting art for many years. I’ve worked with several art professionals who have helped me build my extensive Canadian art collection. Robin Rosenberg is honest and honorable and in my estimation is top notch in the art world of Montreal. Regardless if you are buying or selling, Robin and her team do their due diligence to ensure that works of art are priced fairly, and buyers and sellers alike get good value. Robin’s expertise is invaluable, and I highly recommend Robin Rosenberg Fine Art to anyone who is serious about collecting quality art.

R. Kastner

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Notable Sales

RRFA has sold works of great importance to established private collectors, corporations and institutions. We have sourced major pieces for companies including the Royal Bank of Canada, Hydro-Quebec, Rio Tinto Alcan, Capital One, Bell Canada Enterprises, among others.

notables sales image

Jean-Paul Riopelle

Composition cierrée, 1951
Oil on canvas
114 x 123 centimeters

Paul Emile Borduas

Patte de velours, 1955
Oil on canvas
36 x 30 inches

notables sales image
notables sales image

Adolph Gottlieb

Cold Front #2, 1956
Oil on canvas
50 x 60 inches

Alfred Pellan

Joyaux Aquatiques, 1962
Oil on panel
14.5 x 72.5 inches
Exhibited: Musée National des beaux-arts du Quebec

notables sales image
notables sales image

Lawren Stewart Harris

Winter, 1914
10 ¼ x 13 inches

Alex Katz

Ada with Coffee, circa 1970
Unique polychromed aluminum cut-out
24 x 42 x 1 1/8 inches

notables sales image
notables sales image

Jean-Paul Riopelle

Untitled, 1951-1953
Inscribed; Abstract Composition
Oil on canvas
31.5 x 63.25 inches
Exposition 1953 Galerie Pierre Loeb, Paris

Jean (Hans) Arp

Amphore de Muse, 1959
47 5/8 inches high
Bronze, gold patina
Edition of 3

notables sales image
notables sales image

Edward John Hughes

Government Wharf at Crofton, 1973
Oil on canvas
25 x 32 inches

Paul-Émile Borduas

Abstract Composition, 1957
Oil on canvas
28.5 x 23.5 inches

notables sales image
notables sales image

David Alexander Colville

Woman with Skiff, 1999
Acrylic polymer emulsion on board
17 x 38 inches

David Alexander Colville

At grand pre, 1982
Acrylic on masonite
26.9 x 38 inches

notables sales image
notables sales image

Tara Donovan

Drawing (Pins), 2011
Gatorboard, paint and nickel-plated steel pins
72 x 72 inches

Emily Carr

“The Point, (B.C. Cove)
Oil on paper
24 x 36 inches

notables sales image
notables sales image

Lawren Stewart Harris

Geometric Composition/Biomorphic Composition
Double Sided
Oil on canvas, circa 1938 and 1956

Jean Paul Riopelle

Paillettes de soleil, 1953
Oil on canvas
51.2 x 38.2 inches
Exposition 1990, Les Automatistes:
Montreal Paintings of the 1940’s and 1950’s

notables sales image

Vik Muniz

The Dream, After Picasso, 2007
Chromogenic print
95.75 x 70.75 inches
Edition of 6

Lawren Stewart Harris

Abstract Painting, (A Fantasy), circa 1927
Oil on canvas
47 x 60 inches

notables sales image

Marc-Aurèle Fortin

Baie St. Paul sous la neige
Oil on panel
42 x 47 inches

Philip Surrey

Place Ville Marie
Oil on canvas
15 x 24 inches

notables sales image

David Milne

Entrance to the Zoo
Watercolour on paper
15 x 24 inches