Happy Pride Month!

Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community in the Arts

In June, Canadians and the International community gather for Pride Month where we celebrate the history and diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. We recognize the progress that has been made and acknowledge that there are still many barriers to overcome. 

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The contributions made to the art world by members of the LGBTQ+ community are profound. Despite the adversity and discrimination they were confronted with, several artists from the LGBTQ+ community fearlessly opened up new paths of creativity in the art world.

To celebrate Pride Month, Robin Rosenberg highlights some of the most unforgettable artworks that honour their love, adversity and resilience and artworks that beautifully render the complexity of sexuality and the intersectionality of gender, including Andy Warhol’s portrait of Basquiat; Nan Goldin’s Jimmy Paulette and Taboo! Undressing, NYC; Robert Mapplethorpe’s Self Portrait, and many more. 

Featured are just a few of the iconic contributions of the brilliant LGBTQ+ community to the arts. Please contact us if any of these works or artists are of interest, or if you are interested in selling your art or investing in fine art.

Julie Mehretu, Corner of Lake and Minnehaha, 2022, 17-Run screenprint, Ed. of 45, 47.5 x 37 in
Keith Haring painting, Gérard Van Kal Mon sculpture, Andy Warhol portrait of Basquiat
Zanele Muholi, Thatha II, Sheraton Hotel, Brooklyn, 2019, Site-specific photographic mural, Ed. of 2,138 in
David Hockney, Ipad Drawing Untitled 346, 2010, 8 color inkjet print, Ed. of 250, 22 x 17 in
Nan Goldin, Jimmy Paulette and Taboo! Undressing, NYC, 1991, Cibachrome print, Ed. of 25, 39.5 x 26.5 in
Tamara de Lempicka, Self Portrait (Tamara in a Green Bugatti), ca. 2014, Gouttelette print on paper, Ed. of 100, 28 x 21 in
Glenn Ligon
Catherine Opie, Rainbow Falls #2, 2015, Pigment print, Ed. of 5, 45 x 30 in
Robert Mapplethorpe, Self Portrait, 1980

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