Pencil Revival

Beyond Sketches and Scribbles

Pencils perhaps conjure memories of one’s days in elementary school. It is a medium most would not necessarily tend to associate with the realm of high art. The truth is, however, pencils, both coloured and not, are far from a relegated medium and they have garnered increasing interest amongst fine art collectors in recent years. Lauded for its versatility, precision and vast graphic possibilities, many artists have adopted the medium into their arsenal of crafts.

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 From George Condo’s linear illustrations to DiegoKoi’s hyper realistic drawings, several breathtaking and complex fine art pieces have been brought to life with a humble pencil. Enjoy some of our current favourite pencil-based pieces and please contact us if any artists are of interest.

DiegoKoi, Sensazione, 2012, Pencil on paper.

George Condo, Profile with Pink Hair, 2018, Coloured pencil on paper, 22 1/2 x 16 inches.

Jorge Méndez Blake, Tada escritura comienza en una selva VII, 2020, Coloured pencil on paper, 40 x 28 1/10 inches.

Meaghan Hyckie, SIM-11, 2019, Colour pencil on paper, 22.5 x 26.5 inches.
Reproduction courtesy of the artist and Olga Korper Gallery. 

Margaret Priest, What Makes A Room A Room, #2, 1986, Pencil on paper, 22 x 30 inches

Zipora Fried, Coloured pencil on paper.

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