A Note from RRFA: COVID-19

Richard Prince, Park Avenue Nurse, 2002, inkjet print and acrylic on canvas, 72 x 45 inches.

The RRFA team will continue to work on our projects, but will do so remotely.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We would like to take a moment to wish communities worldwide the utmost health and safety during these precarious times. As we are all aware, COVID-19 has developed rapidly over the past couple of weeks and the gravity of the situation has called for self-isolation. With several projects underway, we feel it is prudent and respectful to continue working remotely.

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Without making light of the situation, we present Richard Prince’s Park Avenue Nurse in honour of all the courageous healthcare professionals (like Robin’s sister), along with the other heroes who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines. This includes the grocery workers, taxi and bus drivers, food inspectors, law enforcement, among many others.

Stay well and stay home,


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