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As we witness the landscapes of our world continuously change around us, so too has the nature of landscape art over time. One may typically associate landscape painting with more traditional, historical exhibits in a museum, but the genre has surged in relevance within contemporary art. While rooted in the depiction of the natural scenery that surrounds us, today’s artists use landscapes to illustrate many present-day themes such as environmental fragility and our dependence on virtual spaces. What keeps these artworks modern is their range of mediums and use of technology, as well as their range of styles from photorealism, to abstract and beyond.

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While we will never tire of the Impressionist work of Monet and Pissarro, or the historical Canadian landscape paintings of the Group of Seven, here are some examples of works we are loving right now, including art prints and paintings by Sarah Anne Johnson, Vik Muniz, Scott McFarland, Pablo Genovés, and more.  Please contact us for any inquiries or if you are interested in selling or purchasing fine art.

Sarah Anne Johnson


Edward Burtynsky


Vik Muniz, Pola Museum of Art (Water Lily Pond, after Claude Monet), Repro, 2016, Digital C-Print, Edition of 6, 40 x 41 inches 


Scott McFarland, Video, Edition of 3, 49 x 28 inches


Pablo Genovés, Chandelier, 2017, Pigment print, 39 x 48 inches 


Luc Courchesne, 2013/09/15 Thonon Les Bains, 2012, Digital print on archival paper, translucent acrylic disc and rotary device, Edition of 3, 10 x 10 inches


Alex McLeod, Iceberg, 2017, Chromogenic print, Edition of 3, 32 x 48 inches


Thomas Jackson, Tulle no.12, Stinson Beach, California, 2020, Archival pigment print,
Varied sizes and editions 


Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Keeping It Simple, Tuscany, Italy, 2016, Archival inkjet print, Edition of 7,
41 x 43 inches

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